Kastrati Health Safety Security and Environment

(HSSE) Policy

Kastrati sh.a is in the business of trading and marketing of petroleum products for the local and regional markets. As an integral part of Albanian society we at Kastrati sh.a want to be leaders in Health, Safety, Security and Environment performance in the Petroleum industry.

We are committed to operate our business with a focus on Health and Safety of our empolyees, contractors, visitors and surrounding community as we well as protection of our Environment and Security of all our assets as our main objectives. We do this by continual identification of environmental aspects, OH&S hazards and security threats by Eliminating, controlling and managing them and being well prepared to deal with them effectively at early stages to minimize adverse impacts and risks.

Key commitments to the policy are:

  • Perform our work in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, complying with established HSSE systems and procedures and complying with all legal and other applicable requirements.
  • Identify all occupational health, safety, security and environment hazards, evaluate associated risks and implement controls and programs to minimize the risks to safeguard our workforce, contractors, visitors, and community and monitor such risks.
  • Reduce number of injuries, occupational health related incidents, exposure incidents, fire and other process safety incidents and commit to prevention of injury and ill health.
  • Minimize emissions .discharges and waste generation to environment and commit to prevention of pollution
  • Dispose wastes safely and responsibly after taking measures to reuse, recycle, refurbish and recover.
  • Implement and maintain system to improve process safety.
  • Use every opportunity through effective reviews and continually improve our processes, control procedures, technology and products.
  • Investigate and learn from past incidents and historical practices.
  • Assign clear Health, Safety, and Security and Environment (HSSE) responsibilities to workers and provide necessary on-the-job and off-the-job training for effective HSSE implementation.
  • Provide adequate resources and leadership to mitigate and combat HSSE concerns.
  • Constantly monitor measure and review HSSE performance .recognizing excellence and driving for continual improvement
  • Manage the security of our sites to support the goals of our HSSE Management System
  • Effectively implement, maintain and improve HSSE management system to achieve our goals.
  • Maintain and practice emergency response plans to protect our employees, customers, public and the environment in the event of an incident.
  • Play a full part in the affiliations and associations of the industries of which we are part to share and learn best industry practice
  • Be honest and fair in all our dealings and demonstrate the highest standard of ethics in conducting our business.

In doing this, we encourage open communication, participation and consultation within the Company and with the suppliers, customers, and community. We involve our employees, visitors and contractors in HSSE activities with the aim to prevent all types of incidents covering occupational injuries, occupational illness, security threats and pollution.

Achieving industry leadership in HSSE performance is a collectively responsibility requiring team work.

Every Contractor and Kastrati employee shall be committed to this goal.

Date : 06.01.2017

Gani Kastrati
General Director