Our oil products terminal is specialized in the storage and handling of all petroleum products and biodiesel. The terminal is strategically located in Porto Romano near Durres port for users along the Adriatic coast as well as for inland users. The majority of customers are active in the oil industry, for which Kastrati stores a large variety of products.

Kastrati Oil Terminal facilitates distribution to local and European markets. International markets are accessible with Porto Romano tanker facilities, road and in the future pipeline connections. Kastrati is also produces and distributes biofuels in the area.

The terminal has dedicated systems and skilled personnel trained in managing your products to the latest safety and environmental standards. Most importantly, our mind-set for flexibility enables us to create tailor-made services for your individual storage and distribution requirements.

KASTRATI operates a network of 70 petrol stations, 116 tank lorries in Albania and 10 petrol stations in Kosovo.
We also operate in Montenegro and Macedonia.

KASTRATI Group have tank deposits in Porto Romano near Durres of  75.000 ton capacity. The group also has further  facilities in Albania for inland distribution of 30.000 ton capacity.
Our intention is to increase our storage capacity to 120.000 tons.

We supply a broad range of products to both consumers and industrial customers. 

Kastrati own a bio-diesel factory based in Porto Romano, Albania.

We have continuously expanded our retailing activities and we are well established in the heating-oil retailing business providing a reliable service to our clients.